Shakera Ghoor

Shakera Ghoor – Owner and founder of Fitness Fusion

Shakera is passionate about all aspects of health, fitness and wellbeing. She is certified in Exercise Science through the Exercise Teachers Academy (ETA) and in Pilates through Conscious Movement Education and affiliated with the Pilates Method Alliance (USA).

She teaches intelligent movement and makes clients aware of how their own bodies move and function so that they can keep practicing at home what they learn in class. There is no reward better for her than seeing her clients improve their way of life, improve their performance in sport and being able to do things they never dreamt of doing before.

Nothing escapes her eye in sessions and technique and concentration is of utmost importance to her when training clients.

Aside from Pilates, she loves running, cycling, weight training and boxing. She also keeps people injury free, as she is a qualified Lynotherapist as well. Shakera is living her dream by keeping very busy with the 2 studios and staying out of trouble.