The method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s and is one of the most popular forms of exercise today. It strengthens and conditions the body like no other exercise does. Pilates increases strength and muscle tone, improves balance, co ordination and alignment.

The proper breathing techniques initiate movement and this helps to greatly reduce stress and train efficiently. With dedication and practice, it becomes a way of life and people use the principles in everyday life when walking, driving and sitting.

You become less prone to injury, recover quicker post-op and is also a great form of exercise for pregnancy.

The following types of classes are available:

Pilates individual – one on one session, suited to people recovering from surgery or people with specific issues. Programme design completely tailored to your needs and progress noted at each session.

Pilates Duet-Two people training together, more cost effective but still has an advantage of being private. Best to train with the same partner for all your sessions.

Trio – 3 ppl training together on pilates equipment. This is a class in a group setting but done on all the Pilates equipment such as reformer, chair, arcs, TRX, large fitness ball, etc. Ideal for people who do not have any issues and want a great, tough workout for fitness and strength. Group progresses together.

Cardiolates (group equipment class) – 4 ppl training together. The class will start with a warm-up, then 15-20 mins cardio on rebounders(mini trampolines)/skip/run, then moves on to the Pilates reformers for strength work. A great option if you want to work on Pilates machines and still get a sweat going by keeping the heart rate up.


Take your workout to the next level by incorporating cardio, weight training, boxing, kettlebells or TRX suspension into this indoor or outdoor personal training session. Pilates principles are still used as always to ensure proper technique and effective breathing.

Training can be an individual duet session or trio session.


Specialized High Intensity Interval Training combining variety of equipment with intervals of cardio in-between.