My tips on keeping kids healthy

25 Aug

I try and make healthy choices for my kids where I can. They are however normal 4 and 2 year olds and don’t eat half a plate of colourful veggies. They love cucumber and carrots so I give them that. They eat a variety of foods which Is important so a good mix of carbs, protein and fats. Kids generally love curry and rice and mine love eggs. Try a few things until you find their favourites. 
My daughter doesn’t like bananas but she loves my pancakes which have banana in them so I always give her those.
I function with routine(πŸ˜‚)  so even their meals are pretty much the same time every day.

They eat every 3 hours, like I do. For their breakfast we usually alternate between oats with honey 3 x per week, mielie meel porridge, future life. Now they will have the homemade coco pops too. They’ve never had store bought coco pops so they don’t know the difference and they had these yesterday while we made them and it was a win πŸ˜ƒ

Then it’s a snack of tea and a sandwich. They then have a hearty balanced lunch. They have double cream plain yogurt as a snack in the afternoon. They also enjoy apples. Then it’s dinner which is what we are eating just a mild version. Minus the mixed salad (πŸ™„)

Obviously, they are kids and they love chocolate like their grandad so they do have that.

Give them balanced meals and try and cut the sugar where you can. Don’t add sugar to their tea and porridge. Try and avoid fizzy drinks, and limit their intake of sweets and processed foods. Also, don’t add too much salt to their food.
Most importantly keep them moving and live the active life with them! 




Fridge bars

29 Jul

Choc fridge bars 


5 TBS natural Peanut butter(I used jozi-nut toasted coconut peanut butter)

2 TBS mayple syrup or honey
(I used agave)

1 cup almondmeal

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

Line a baking tray or container with glad wrap, leaving sides overhanging.

In a bowl, mix Peanut butter, syrup until creamy.

Add in remaining ingredients and mix to form a dough.

Press very firmly into lined container and set aside while you make top layer.


3TBS msyple syrup or honey

1TBS vanilla extract

3TBS natural peanut butter(I used toasted coconut peanut butter)

3TBS raw cacao powder

Pinch pink himalayan salt

4 TBS coconut oil, melted

1.Simply combine all ingredients until smooth.

2.Pour over peanut butter layer in container and leave to set in fridge .

French toast

26 Jun

French toast my way..

4 free range eggs
2 tsp xylitol
Whisk together

I would normally use a protein/gluten free bread but didn’t have any, so I used a soft bakery fresh bread. Dip the bread into the egg and fry in coconut oil

I topped with mascarpone, strawberries, fried banana, coconut and lean_gourmet caramel syrup.


Banana Bircher

24 Jun

1 cup sugar free granola 

100g Greek yoghurt 

1 grilled banana 

1 cup almond milk 

honey to taste 

sprinkle xylitol over banana and leave aside in a pan 

mix together granola, yoghurt, almond milk and honey. 

Grill banana until soft but not broken 

add to mixture 

soak overnight and top with dates,honey and berries if desired. 

Bircher muesli (2)

24 Jun

2 cups oats
1 cup milk of your choice
100g yogurt (I used ww berry chia with sunflower seeds)
2 tblspns toasted coconut peanut butter(can use any sugar free nut butter)
1 grated Granny Smith Apple
Honey to taste

Drizzle some lemon juice over the grated apple and mix all the ingredients together. Soak overnight and top up with milk, granola, honey and berries before serving. πŸ˜‹





Big 5 workout is top of my list!

14 Jun

Hello everyone! I’m so excited, I finally have a platform where I can post all my workouts, articles, recipes and anything and everything related to fitness, food and fashion in fitness..
please let me know what you think..

We are still on the home workout during Ramadan theme, so I’m posting this for you to do at least 2 more times this week..

This workout is super easy to remember and the exercises are easy too. It’s the number of reps that may scare you(if it hasn’t already)!

try it and please keep in touch!im loving all the feedback πŸ’—

Big 5:

100 walking lunges

100 squats

100 tricep dips

100 bicep curls

100 mountain climbers

Yours in fitness,


Bircher muesli

14 Jun

I made this yesterday and it was amazing! I used my homemade almond cacao granola but you can use any good quality granola or muesli you prefer. Preferably not a sweetened processed one πŸ™ˆ

1 cup granola

1 cup Greek/double cream yoghurt

1-2 cups almond milk

1 grated apple

honey/agave syrup

soak all together overnight and add fruit and more granola when serving πŸ˜‹