As a teenager I used to love the small gym down the road and my first fitness experience was aerobics. I continued this, running and netball at school.

While at university in Cape Town, studying Business and Marketing I was struggling with a typical “students posture” with tight shoulders and weak back, and all my aerobics and boxing wasn’t helping.

I stumbled across Pilates, tried it out and my life and body has never been the same since! I attended private sessions, fell in love with the method and how efficiently and gracefully my body moved while still feeling completely energized.


I learnt to breathe properly, to engage my muscles and to train smarter. I knew this was where I belonged and needed to share my knowledge and experience. Along with the Marketing, I studied Pilates through Conscious Movement Education with Renee Watson as my mentor. I am affiliated with Pilates Method Alliance (USA), which is the only 3rd party certification centre in the Pilates industry.

I also completed a Fitness Diploma through ETA and after moving to JHB I started off working as a personal trainer for a large commercial gym.

Because Pilates cannot be truly expressed for what it is in a large setting, I decided to open my own private studio in 2007 in Sandton.I have been going ever since and just recently relocated to larger premises sharing my centre with other health practitioners.

I am also skilled in movement and performance screening, kettlebell training, pregnancy Pilates, rehabilitation and re-training post op, sports massage and Lynotherapy.I love any form of movement and getting my muscles awakened.

I enjoy fitness modeling, weight training, running, cycling and boxing which are all part of my training routine, but my heart belongs to the Pilates method and this is why I in co-operate its principles into all my teaching.

Join me on my ever-continuous journey as I help you achieve your best and more. Find your happy place and the rest will follow…