My tips on keeping kids healthy

25 Aug

I try and make healthy choices for my kids where I can. They are however normal 4 and 2 year olds and don’t eat half a plate of colourful veggies. They love cucumber and carrots so I give them that. They eat a variety of foods which Is important so a good mix of carbs, protein and fats. Kids generally love curry and rice and mine love eggs. Try a few things until you find their favourites. 
My daughter doesn’t like bananas but she loves my pancakes which have banana in them so I always give her those.
I function with routine(😂)  so even their meals are pretty much the same time every day.

They eat every 3 hours, like I do. For their breakfast we usually alternate between oats with honey 3 x per week, mielie meel porridge, future life. Now they will have the homemade coco pops too. They’ve never had store bought coco pops so they don’t know the difference and they had these yesterday while we made them and it was a win 😃

Then it’s a snack of tea and a sandwich. They then have a hearty balanced lunch. They have double cream plain yogurt as a snack in the afternoon. They also enjoy apples. Then it’s dinner which is what we are eating just a mild version. Minus the mixed salad (🙄)

Obviously, they are kids and they love chocolate like their grandad so they do have that.

Give them balanced meals and try and cut the sugar where you can. Don’t add sugar to their tea and porridge. Try and avoid fizzy drinks, and limit their intake of sweets and processed foods. Also, don’t add too much salt to their food.
Most importantly keep them moving and live the active life with them! 




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