Fridge bars

29 Jul

Choc fridge bars 


5 TBS natural Peanut butter(I used jozi-nut toasted coconut peanut butter)

2 TBS mayple syrup or honey
(I used agave)

1 cup almondmeal

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

Line a baking tray or container with glad wrap, leaving sides overhanging.

In a bowl, mix Peanut butter, syrup until creamy.

Add in remaining ingredients and mix to form a dough.

Press very firmly into lined container and set aside while you make top layer.


3TBS msyple syrup or honey

1TBS vanilla extract

3TBS natural peanut butter(I used toasted coconut peanut butter)

3TBS raw cacao powder

Pinch pink himalayan salt

4 TBS coconut oil, melted

1.Simply combine all ingredients until smooth.

2.Pour over peanut butter layer in container and leave to set in fridge .

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